This blog article was written by Alex Gulsby, freelance writer and PR manager for Chill Angel. She is an avid backpacker and lives in Durango, Colorado. So as part of her team initiation, I asked her to put our sleepwear to the test and report back.

When I first heard about Chill Angel sleepwear, I was excited for the medicinal benefits. Finally, there is a cute, cozy solution for recovering cancer patients, menopausal women and those suffering from other various temperature imbalances. But as a 23 year-old, I didn’t expect to personally benefit from the products. Nor did I expect for these PJs to become such a staple in my backpacking gear closet, but boy, was I wrong.

Chill Angel’s 100-percent temperature balancing pajamas are not just elements of a doctor’s prescription. They’re super soft, anti-bacterial and scrunch up into a lightweight little ball when tucked into an Osprey. AKA: Easy to pack, cozy to wear, and not so stinky after 7 days of sweat and mud.

These pajamas are not only for those who struggle with sleep, but for any and every outdoor enthusiast. Founder Betsy Seabert has transformed the performance fabric we all know and love into a cute, reliable and versatile line of sleepwear. I pack my pair for every road trip, backpacking trip and car camping excursion. I’ve even worn the tee for long cycling workouts on those days when I won’t be able to shower, because I know I’ll stay dry and smell fairly fresh.

Chill Angel uses only the best quality and doesn’t cut corners. Expect 100-percent of the best New Zealand sourced merino wool and you’ll swear by merino purism for the rest of your life.

Don’t believe me?

Picture this: It’s 7 A.M. on a Sunday in the San Juan National Forest. With the sun creeping over the horizon, the mountaineering tent you’re snoozing in is getting too hot too fast. Soon, this greenhouse of heat will thwart any attempts to sleep in past 8. Slow mornings are just impossible when you over-prepare with winter gear. Except today, rather than wearing the synthetic, ankle snug base layer you normally sleep in, you’ve donned a set of Chill Angel boxer shorts and tee. For once, you’re as cool as a cucumber. Despite the sun, you successfully sleep in to 9 A.M., and though your campmates pick fun when you finally emerge from your bear den, it's only you on this trip that can attest to the best night of sleep in your life.

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