The folks at Outside magazine know all about the heat management benefits of merino base layers. So, it was no surprise to me that they totally got what I'm trying to do with Chill Angel. 

You can read the full review here.

Here's my favourite part from the article:

"I love merino base layers, but I initially wasn’t sure I wanted to sleep in wool—I was afraid it might feel scratchier than the cotton and silk pajamas I’m used to. But the Chill Angel pieces passed the itch test. They’re made from superfine New Zealand merino that’s not blended with nylon or anything else.

After a few weeks of testing, these have become my favorite pajamas. I reach for them instead of my super-plush flannel or my buttery cotton knits. I sleep great in them. But I also like how they feel before and after I go to bed. They make the evenings cozier and the chilly mornings less bracing. And if they help me get out of bed for dawn-patrol missions, that’s value in my book."


Kathy Nerney said:

Thought I’d NEVER sleep again…up & down…but here comes WOOL?? IDK…had my doubts…but the First Night I got a FULL 5 Hours. I thought the wool would be itchy and with my sensitive skin?? The Merino Wool is really soft and super comfortable. I’m looking forward to many long, comfortable nights in my Chill Angel…better than a HUG…it’s an all night embrace!

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