This article was written by Chill Angel friend and blogger, Alex Gulsby. It's all about the Danish principle of Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah), or the “art of creating intimacy,” which essentially equates feelings of coziness with lifelong happiness. It captured my interest because Chill Angel is all about being cozy and comfortable at home. I thought our fans would enjoy learning about Hygge, which can lead to increased happiness in life...

How to Create Hygge in your home

A Hyggekrog, according to Meik Wiking’s Little Book of Hygge is “the nook of your home where one can sit and have a hyggelig time.” The Danes have known about and cultivated hygge for centuries, proving its success by earning title as the “World’s Happiest Country” time and time again.

Whether you believe in the ability of coziness to create overarching happiness in your life or not, everyone could use a little more Hygge, or peace and calm around here. And since the core of Hygge can be traced to your space, creating a hyggekrog is one step forward in establishing wellness in your life.

Step 1: Light

 As Meik Wiking put it so well, the goal is to create pools of light within your home. Candles, lamps, and fireplaces are not only warm and inviting, but also provide a natural element to your home that will help you to wind down and shift out of high gear. You want nothing harsh or florescent to invade the space of your hyggekrog so search for energy efficient lights and lamps with low temperature. The proper lighting can magically transform not only a space, but also your mood after a hustling and bustling day.

Step 2: Blankets

The fluffier, heavier, and cozier the better. We won’t tolerate anything too thin, itchy or pilling. Consider neutral colors and patterns that are as soft on the eyes as your skin. Like with your lighting, you will want to go natural, so animal skins, whether faux or real, can make a great addition to any hygge space. The more deliberate your choice in blankets, the more you will appreciate it later, so rather than shop online, consider taking an outing with your closest friend or family to find one. Each time you look at or use the blanket, you will be brought back to that time spent together.

Step 3: Your Person

Consider wearing something that makes you feel as cozy as you look. Thick, wool socks, warm, dark colors and blacks, scarves and cardigans are all very hygge. Because of this, Chill Angel temperature balancing pajamas and loungewear makes for the perfect hyggelig ensemble. It’s made from 100-percent superfine merino wool, so extra soft and luxurious to the touch. Pair the classic jammie top with the lounger pants in black for a sure way to stay cozy. Even surrounded by all that warmth from blankets and candles, your body will maintain the perfect temperature. And you can rest easy knowing that your USA-made pajamas are 100-percent natural.

Step 4: Sounds

Throughout the day, our brain and ears work diligently to block out noise pollution. Sirens, engines, loud conversations and groaning computer screens are not hyggelig and can cause a great deal of stress, even tending to make actual silence seem initially eerie. Bring natural, soft music and noises into your home. Play a meditative CD of nature sounds or songs from your favorite jazz musician. Everyone experiences hygge in their own way, so don’t force it. Choose sounds and music that make you feel happy and calm, even if they don’t fit the stereotypical bill for someone else.

Step 5: Hearth

With all these elements at hand - lights, blankets, cozy pajamas, and music - how you choose to shape this space is up to you. There is no wrong answer, only what makes you happy. Choose a nook in your home where you can curl up, whether it be a thick leather couch, rocking chair or window seat where you can watch the weather roll by. Spending time with your loved ones in this space is very hyggelig and the more good times you share here, the deeper your happiness will root in your new hyggekrog. So brew some tea, play some jazz, and settle in.  


Judith Reimbold said:

I can’t believe that one simple pair of pajamas has the ability to give me a good night’s sleep. No drug or sleep aid has been able to let me sleep without waking up to take blankets on and off all night. What a treasure.

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