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Fall has official blow into Idaho and the temperatures dropped by almost 30 degrees in just one day. With colder temps settling into the valley, the layers are coming out in full swing. Chill Angel provided a set of lounge/sleepwear to test out during these colder days and I am excited to share with you my experience.

As suggested by Betsy, Chill Angel’s Owner, I lounged in my Genie Jogger and RnR Crew for a couple of days to test out the temperature control and anti-stink of Chill Angel’s 16.5 micron, ultra-fine Angel Light fabric. At first feel, I couldn’t believe the softness of the wool. Wool isn’t something I am usually interested in sleeping in- I find many of the wool products on the market to be stiff and uncomfortable. The Angel Light fabric is definitely a game changer.

Angel Light Fabric

Incredibly soft to the touch, the 16.5 micron pure wool fabric is some of the softest fabric I have ever worn. The hand of the fabric is quite light but it performs the way you expect Carhartts to. With temperatures dipping into the low 20s in the morning, I was able to comfortably take the dog out for his morning business, and walk down to the mailbox without succumbing to the brisk morning air.

Walk down to the mailbox in pajamas? Absolutely!  The Genie Jogger and RnR Crew look more like a lounge set than sleepwear. The versatility of the cut of the Genie and RnR makes it a great set to take camping, on ski trips, through hiking, and even on a plane for long flights. I don’t know what is worse, the chill that can only be created on an airplane or the temperatures in movie theatres. I freeze in both cases… I *used to freeze.

Temperature Control

Merino wool is collected from Merino sheep and for Chill Angel’s clothing line, the wool is not blended with other varieties of wool to keep the naturally occurring properties of Merino intact. Merino sheep thrive all over the world, including Australia and Great Britain, because their wool allows for temperature regulation. The release of heat and insulation of the wool will allow you to wear Chill Angel’s clothing in all weather conditions, not just the cold days I am experiencing now.

For me, the Chill Angel Genie Jogger and RnR Crew really performed at night. My husband is a hot sleeper and likes to turn the whole house temperature down to (what feels like) near freezing. I, on the other hand usually sleep with additional blankets to account for the chill. With the Chill Angel on, I didn’t need the extra blankets and slept deeper and longer than I have for years! I honestly felt more alert and had more energy because I was really sleeping.

Great for Travel

Merino wool is naturally moisture wicking. That is one of the reasons it makes for the great base layer for outdoor activities. Chill Angel’s merino wool gently pulls sweat and excess moisture from your skin and keeps the bacteria that causes stinky clothes at bay.

This is great for the multi day hiking trip, hunting, ski weeks and trips where a washing machine or even a good ol’ sink isn’t available. Merino wool doesn’t need a special detergent like synthetics and doesn’t need to be washed as frequently.

After wearing my set around for a couple of days, neither myself or my family noticed a smell. I wore these to bed, to walk the dog, while cleaning and cooking, and even stress tested them against a wood burning fire and s’mores making. I was pleased with how well they held up.

Great for Staying at Home

In addition, any of the items from this line would make an amazing gift for anyone who may be recovering from surgery, undergoing cancer treatments and even your elderly family members who have a tougher time regulating their temperatures as they age. Don’t forget those new moms in your life! Getting a shower can be a luxury so why not treat them to luxuriously soft, anti odor clothing? This Relax Cover Up is perfect for them!

Chill Angel Genie Jogger and RnR Crew can be found on their website. The Genie retails for $105 and comes in three colors. The RnR Crew retails for $99 and is available in 2 colors.

Safe and Comfortable Travels!