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Podcast: Temperature balancing sleepwear uses Merino wool

Betsy Seabert, Founder and Inventor of Chill Angel, had a “light bulb moment that Merino wool, made into sleepwear, could help thousands of women who suffer from hot flashes sleep through the night.” At the time, Seabert was experiencing the loss of her 30-year-old son. At the same time, she was also battling breast cancer. Seabert says that she was, “hardly getting any sleep. “The estrogen blocker the doctors gave me caused hot flashes and sweats that were uncontrollable” leaving Seabert “... desperate for a solution.” She was “waking up every hour in sweat and not being able to get any sleep whatsoever.”

It was then that Seabert thought about turning Merino wool into sleepwear.

In this podcast, Seabert shares with the listeners her 25-year background in the outdoor apparel industry and her extensive knowledge in high performance, temperature balancing fibers. Seabert explains the science behind Merino wool and sites studies that have been done to prove that Merino wool is a natural temperature balancing fiber.

Seabert describes her product as a “new technology to sleepwear” and has designed woman’s pajamas using, what Seabert calls, “a natural miracle fiber, Merino wool.”

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