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Now, more than ever, it's time to chill.  Working from home, taking some time off and general relaxing is now made easier with the right lounging apparel.   I've tested this set from Chill Angel for several months now, from a winter trip to Paris to more recent at-home wear, and i can confirm that these pieces have now become top-drawer essentials.     Kim Fuller
OMG - I am in love with these new Chill Angels...  I may give up getting dressed for work!   These are so wonderful Betsy, so soft and absolutely luxurious.      Leslie W.

 I absolutely love my new Chill Angel - I have worn them every night so far.  What an incredible product - thin, so so soft and cozy.  I love love them!  

Jenny P.
These are by far the most comfortable and durable merino leggings I have ever worn! Others I have tried are too tight for sleeping. The fabric is phenomenal, too. So silky!                                                                      Sondra Rose - Coaching for Health and Happiness
Chill Angel is straight from heaven! I love them and the fit is perfect. Marcia S.
Perfection! Best Nightshirt EVER! My husband bought this for my birthday. Let me tell you ... this nightgown is the BEST!!!! I am so cold (all the time) - this keeps me snuggly warm at night. My nightgowns tend to twist all around me through the night - not this one .... the thumb holes are perfect and the body of the gown is a magical length to stay put all night long (not too long and not too short). Cute? Oh my, it is so darling and looks amazing on - the cut of it is so very flattering. I have found my forever nightshirt! You should buy 20 of these bc you will never want to be without one for the rest of your life! Valerie A.
I want to tell you that my mother and I both love the pajamas! She said it's the first time she has slept through the night in a very long time and thinks it was due to the fact that she didn't sweat during the night. I also love them. These pajamas are awesome!! Wendy D.
These beautiful performance pajamas (yup – that's a real term!) are made of 100% Merino wool which wicks off moisture and keeps your body temperature at an optimal level for sleep. But these are much more than just PJs! This is my go-to wardrobe for lounging around the house, setting up camp, travel and any outdoor activity. They're so comfortable, beautiful, fashionable and simply luxurious for ANY age from your teens to grandmother and everyone in between! The Girl Camper®
I am thrilled to have found the best pajamas ever! The Chill Angel quality, styles, colors and technology, make this chick (in her 50's) sleep well, in comfort, every night, all year round! Merino's ability to control body temp makes it a reason to stay in your pjs all day long! Happy Customer Christine Helling
TRANQUILI - TEE I'm absolutely in love with this tee. It has helped so much with my night flashes as the material is so soft & cooling! I highly recommend for anyone that is dealing with body temperature fluctuations at night. Thankyou Chill Angel from Australia. Joanne Stig
I have two Chill Angel tank tops and alternate wearing them, however when I needed to prepare for a trip and wash both at the same time, I thought I'd just wear an old sleep top instead. Holy cow! I forgot how hot, sweaty and uncomfortable I used to be in those old pjs. It was quite a contrast to the comfort of my Chill Angel. Thanks, Chill Angel for helping me sleep better! Denise B
I first discovered Chill Angel last summer when planning clothes for our 4+ week trip through Europe — I needed sleepwear that packed well and was hand washable. I ordered the Sereni-Tee, Lounger Pants and Boxer Shorts. Not only were they perfect for travel, but I also fell in love with their comfort! During the winter months in Colorado, I prefer longer sleeve tops. In the past, I have worn flannel throughout the winter. I like to snuggle under lots of cover and often wake up soaked. With my new Chill Angel Celestial Cardi and Siesta Pant set, I won't have that problem! If I do “overload” the blankets, the merino wool dries so quickly, no way I will get chilled. And while this is a very nice feature, the best thing about Chill Angel sleepwear is its supreme comfort! Anne Draper
I LOVE my 16.5 micron Angel Light T-shirt and would like to buy a few more!! I sleep in it and am very comfortable, even though I am super- sensitive to wool. I can't wear anything that is 17 micron count or higher. This Angel Light Merino is so soft, even I can wear it!! Thank you! Patty Duke, Co-Founder Point6 - Merino Mastered
GREAT TANK TOP FOR THE BEACH I recently wore a Chill Angel tank top all day long, on a Florida beach. It was SO comfortable. That wool you use is amazing! Colette Walker
I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT! This t-shirt is very comfortable, it absorbs the sweat and keeps you dry from the hot flashes. I would definitely recommend it. Kathy Mougin
LOVE CHILL ANGEL FOR TRAVEL I absolutely love my Sereni-T and Jammie Boxers! I have taken them to every multi-day hike and it is extremely comfortable and cozy. It is not itchy at all, on the contrary, it is really soft and nice to wear after a sweaty day walking in the wild! 100% recommended!! Coni Flores
LOVE LOVE LOVE! They are fabulous! Both the Sereni-tee and Jammie Boxer are so comfortable and easy to move around in. I am very pleased with how they fit my body—the relaxed fit will be perfect for sleep. Sleep: I love, love, love these PJ's! They are amazing! The fit was perfect for me. They are soft, well-made and so comfy that I feel like I could wear them all day. (wish I could….) Flatlock seams made a huge difference and I didn't have to worry about anything rubbing or being itchy on my skin. The fabric is so soft and lightweight and I like the breathability. I know I slept better because of them too. I didn't wake up as much throwing the covers off because I was too hot or too cold. Even with my hot flashes I was able to get back to sleep quickly. These PJ's are my new favorites. They will make such a huge difference for me. Kim Pennock
LUXURIOUS TREAT! As a long-time wool addict, I knew I had to try these wool PJs as soon as I saw them. I got the Sereni-T and Jammie Boxers in size medium. They definitely do NOT disappoint. Soft, cozy, and breathable, I am in heaven! Thank you, thank you for finally coming out with a wool option. Jodi Lightfoot
LOVE IT Before wearing Chill Angel, I was experiencing nightly sweats that were affecting the quality and quantity of my sleep. There definitely was an improvement when wearing Chill Angel PJs. I did, in fact, go back to sleep more quickly. I have already recommended your products to several of my friends. Kimberly Foos
THE CHILL ANGEL EXPERIENCE I must say you have a winner here. This PJ is far superior than any of the pjs I have tried. I definitely did not want to go back to my own pajamas even after just one night! I never had to change them after a hot flash or night sweat. And I could wear them for several days because they absorbed the sweat, but I'm guessing because they are wool they also have built in ""deodorizers." I also thought they may be itchy but were not. I am definitely getting more and now I have several of my Christmas presents done! Patti Van Winkle
IT'S CHANGED MY MIND ABOUT MERINO WOOL. It's light, airy and wicks away the moisture before you even know you are sweating! The Pajamas are so comfy! I have the shorts and short sleeve top. Where the pajamas cover my body, I don't sweat. I still have hot flashes but only sweat on my legs, arms and around my hairline. Linda Stevenson
REVOLUTIONARY Chill Angel are so comfortable it's hard to take them off and wear something else. I bought my daughter a pair, and she loves them too. Robin Bott
SLEEP TANK AND BOXER SHORTS I bought the sleep tank and boxer shorts. Very comfortable and truly temperature regulating. My sleep doesn't get interrupted anymore by fluctuating hot and cold body temperatures due to night sweats. I also like wearing the tank during the day as a base layer. I love it!! Sheila Monzon
GREAT DESIGN Love the color and design of the fabric. Would certainly wear out and about or as workout attire. Kim Pennock
NEVER KNEW WHAT I WAS MISSING! I used to look forward to coming home and putting on some sweats at the end of the day; that is until I tried Chill Angel. The "Blue Jay" nighty is not only super flattering in shape and color, I also feel a whole new level of comfort. I usually wake up at least once in the night for no apparent reason, but I noticed when I sleep in the Nighty Night I go to sleep then don't wake up til my alarm goes off. One night I slept in my regular sweatpants and tank top, and woke up in the middle of the night again...the only difference was wearing Chill Angel. I don't suffer from major temp changes, but apparently my body is just more happy sleeping next to merino. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Sarah Laping
I AM SO GLAD I FOUND CHILL ANGEL!! In March 2018 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy and a full hysterectomy as part of my treatment plan. My hot flashes and night sweats started with chemo and then got worse after my hysterectomy. I would wake up several times during the night drenched! My friend told me about Chill Angel and I was hesitant at first because nothing else my doctors recommended and prescribed helped the night sweats. I finally decided to try them out. Since then, I have slept through the night! This is the real deal! I will not go back to regular jammies again. The quality of these night clothes is top notch, they are so comfortable and my sleep has improved tremendously since I've started wearing them. Heather Walters
THIS IS A LIFE CHANGER! I also went through breast cancer, lumpectomy and 5 weeks of whole breast radiation. This is a life changer! I have the fortune of owning a Chill Angel top. It was a gift from Betsy's sister, Sheila. We worked together. Everything about the product is exquisite from the packaging to the garment itself. It is soooo comfortable…I wear it constantly. Thank you, Betsy for your courage battling breast cancer and turning it around into something beautiful for those experiencing the same! Judy Walcher
I am so thankful for my Chill Angel nightie… more ripping off jammies and then trying to find them again in the middle of the night. Perfect comfort! Lynne Koehler
I am amazed at the difference the Chill Angel night gown makes! It has been 15 years since I have had a good night's sleep (ms has gifted me with night sweats) but no more. My sweet husband bought me a second gown for my birthday so I don't have to suffer while one is in the laundry basket. Bless you Chill Angel, Carol Sitlington
Not only do my pajamas help me sleep better, but they are so soft and comfortable that I often wear them around the house during the daytime. Robin
Outside Magazine – "Do you really need high performance pajamas?" I love merino base layers, but I initially wasn't sure I wanted to sleep in wool—I was afraid it might feel scratchier than the cotton and silk pajamas I'm used to. But the Chill Angel pieces passed the itch test. They're made from superfine New Zealand merino that's not blended with nylon or anything else. Kelly Bastone
Thought I'd NEVER sleep again…up & down…but here comes WOOL?? IDK…had my doubts…but the First Night I got a FULL 5 Hours. I thought the wool would be itchy and with my sensitive skin?? The Merino Wool is really soft and super comfortable. I'm looking forward to many long, comfortable nights in my Chill Angel…better than a HUG…it's an all-night embrace! Kathy Nerney
I can't believe that one simple pair of pajamas has the ability to give me a good night's sleep. No drug or sleep aid has been able to let me sleep without waking up to take blankets on and off all night. What a treasure. Judith Reimbold
I love my new nightie, it has made a difference in my sleeping. I used to wake up and throw the covers off all night long, and now I notice that I may throw the covers off only once or twice. Thanks, Sandy J.
I love Chill Angel! The jammie top and crop pant are a perfect combination of comfort and chill-laxing! Even on a hot, humid night, Chill Angel was delightfully comfortable. The fabric kept me cool and dry. Next, the tank top! Thank you, Chill Angel. These pjs are everything you have been saying about them! Leslie Weatherly
Really enjoyed testing Chill Angel. Its changed my mind about merino wool. It's light, airy and wicks away the moisture before you even know you're sweating! Linda
I haven't been waking up to kick the blankets off in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat! I feel like I am just the right temperature, and really comfortable, whether the room is warm or cold. The shape is nice, loose without feeling baggy, and I love the flat seams! I've never been much of a wool wearer, as it always feels itchy when I touch it, but once I had these on they weren't itchy at all.” Rachel
I could wear them for several days because they absorbed the sweat, but I'm guessing because they are wool they also have built in "deodorizers." I also thought they may be itchy but were not. I am definitely getting more and now I have several of my Christmas presents done! Patti
I did experience a noticeable improvement on how the Chill Angel PJ's responded to the sweat episodes in relation to how my own PJ's respond. I did not think that I would or could experience a difference as I have had issues with night sweats for so long and have tried so many different types of PJ's to minimize the amount of moisture, cool, and clammy results that I experience from night sweats. Kimberly
So very comfy and good fit too. I have noticed a difference in my comfort level and am very pleased. Kim
Please send me all information. I am truly Smartwool addicted and am looking for something to keep my 50+ temperatures regulated so I can finally get some restful sleep? Cynthia Smith