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Comfy PJs from Chill Angel

Eileen Ogintz December 20, 2018

These may be the most comfy PJs I’ve found. Chill Angel is a woman-owned Colorado company that makes pajamas from wick-moisturizing, breathable Merino wool. The fabric’s fiber structure literally makes these temperature-regulating thus making you comfortable, whatever the temperature. And great for travel because they are so lightweight!

Betsy Seabert, who has held leadership roles in other outdoor wool brands like Smartwool, says her company was founded from “one hot flash of frustration.” As a recovering cancer patient, she was enduring radical body temperature fluctuations from medication that left her unable to sleep. Merino wool, her favorite go-to performance fabric, proved the solution—and the inspiration for these PJs.


Cardi Raspberry from Chill Angel


They aren’t inexpensive—starting at $85 for a sleep tank and $120 for a crop pant—but they are lightweight, great for travel and for lounging too. That’s a good thing since they are so comfortable, you won’t want to take them off.


Snuggler Nightshirt from Chill Angel