Silver - Women's PJ Top for Night Sweats
Silver - Luxury Pajama Set for Women
Silver - Merino Wool Sleepwear Top
Spring Green - Women's Cooling Pajamas
Spring Green - Women's PJ Shirt
Spring Green - Women's Merino Pajama Shirt
Blue Jay - Women's Merino Pajama Top
Blue Jay - Merino PJ Short Sleeved Shirt
Blue Jay - Women's Wicking Pajama Top
Black - Women's Merino Wool Pajama Top
Black - Cooling Women's Pajama Top in Black
Black - Women's Moisture Wicking Black Pajama Top
Silver - Women's Cooling Pajamas in Silver
Spring Green - Pajama Top for Night Sweats
Black - Merino Wool Pajamas in Black
Blue Jay - Cooling Pajama Top

Classic Jammie Top

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Quintessential button front PJ shirt with piping accent lapel. The front pocket has contrast stitching detail. It's a performance twist on a traditional favorite; comfortable and timeless.

Made in the USA from temperature balancing, 100% superfine merino wool, 200gm jersey knit. Chill Angel's super soft, highly breathable fabric dissipates heat, absorbs and removes moisture from the body keeping you dry, eliminates the chill from sweat, allowing you to get a better night's sleep.

Sleep cool and dry in Chill Angel. A great match with the Lounger Crop Pant or Jammie Boxer.

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