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Easy Care: Machine wash cold on gentle cycle with mild detergent. Line dry.

This is our best selling top!! It is so comfortable that you will want to wear it all day long. 

Made from 100% merino, the RnR long sleeved top is made from our ultra-fine 16.5 micron Angel Light fabric, which is exceptionally soft and cozy. Temperature balancing properties keep your body temperature regulated and also wicks moisture so you can sleep noticeably better.   

Sweatshirt inspired design easily doubles as casual-wear and is perfect for travel, yoga and recovery after a workout.   


Customer Reviews

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I love this RNR Crew! It's breathable, soft, relaxed. Everything you're looking for to sleep and relax in. I highly recommend this product, and will purchase again

Sophie (Tacoma, US)
Crazy soft, not itchy whatsoever

This top is absolutely lovely! Incredibly soft, flattering and I never want it off!! It’s on the thinner side not thick like a sweatshirt. I wear it to sleep and love how comfortable it is, including the thermo regulating it provides! I want to get more of these tops! I bought a size L and perfect for me, as i have broad shoulders, busty chest and thicker arms. I’m 5.2, at around 145 lbs for reference.

Robyn Vockrodt (Bangor, US)

I ordered the RnR Crew along with the Genie Jogger and Essential Tank Long to be worn as a pajama set. This is way outside of my budget; I actually forewent buying some furniture I need in order to get high-end merino wool sleepwear instead. I have a lot of trouble sleeping so I rationalize the purchase as, anything that MIGHT help is worth it. I honestly can't say that I am sleeping any more than before but I can say that the time I spend lying awake is a little more pleasant. These pj's are so comfortable, I find myself running my hands over the material just for the pleasure of it. The material is extremely thin, which makes me wonder about its long-term durability. But on the other hand, it means that I am less likely to overheat at night and also makes it easier to wear as a base layer when I am up and about. I believe another commenter has remarked that this top rides up a little too much in the front and I agree. If I could tweak the design I'd lower the front neck a bit. I'd also like to see a few more colors offered.

Elizabeth T. (Teaneck, US)
Thinner than I was expecting

I was looking forward to the thermal regulating properties of wool to get a better night's sleep and also to feel comfortable when lounging before or after bed. I appreciated the availability of separates because I was able to better match my sizing to my body proportions and get a Small top and a Medium jogger bottom.
Where I'm disappointed is in how thin the fabric is. It feels like wearing tissue paper. The micron count was somewhat useful information but it reflects how fine the wool is, not how thick or thin the fabric feels. I initially thought it was my lack of comparison between this top and other brands to have a gauge for what the fabric might feel like, but I realize there's no gsm or equivalent specified for this top, and therefore nothing else I could have compared it to.
I don't want to contribute so quickly to the waste cycle of clothing so I'm likely to keep this, but will likely wear another layer over it on cold nights, or integrate it as base layer wear.

Joyce W. (Columbus, US)
Want to love this

The fabric is wonderful…soft, stretchy, warm but not too warm. The cuffs on the sleeves do a great job of holding the sleeve down through the night. The problem is the neck opening which is so high in the front it presses on my neck, and the back length which is shorter than the front. I wonder if I just got a wonky one or if they are all cut like this. It’s a testament to the quality of the fabric that I keep wearing it anyway!