During the initial Chill Angel Research and Development phase, I worked with women who suffer from hot flashes asking them to test my prototype garments. I requested they keep a sleep log, which gauged their hot flashes and the impact these episodes were having on their quality of sleep.


These brave sleepwear pioneers spent the first three nights in their regular garb. The next four in Chill Angel. Then we repeated that process again.  The data I gleaned from the sleep logs was invaluable to my ongoing garment development helping me get ready for our product launch. What I wasn’t ready for was being overwhelmed by the positive feedback and gratitude that I received from my lovely testers…


“I haven't been waking up to kick the blankets off in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat! I feel like I am just the right temperature, and really comfortable, whether the room is warm or cold.”


“The shape is nice, loose without feeling baggy, and I love the flat seams! I've never been much of a wool wearer, as it always feels itchy when I touch it, but once I had these on they weren't itchy at all.”


- Rachel


“I must say you have a winner here. This pj is far superior than any of the pjs I have tried. I definitely did not want to go back to my own pajamas even after just one night!  I never had to change them after a hot flash or night sweat.”


“I could wear them for several days because they absorbed the sweat, but I'm guessing because they are wool they also have built in ""deodorizers." I also thought they may be itchy but were not. I am definitely getting more and now I have several of my Christmas presents done!”

Chill Angel product tester Patti VanWinkle

- Patti


“I was impressed by the quality of the feel of the material.  I also very much liked the shade of green used and thought the gold stitching was a nice accent.” 


“As I started the study, I was experiencing nightly sweats that significantly was effecting the quality and quantity of my sleep.  As the two weeks progressed, the night sweats themselves decreased.” 


“Early on in the study I did experience a noticeable improvement on how the Chill Angel PJ’s responded to the sweat episodes in relation to how my own PJ’s respond.  I did not think that I would or could experience a difference as I have had issues with night sweats for so long and have tried so many different types of PJ’s to minimize the amount of moisture, cool, and clammy results that I experience from night sweats.” 


“There definitely was an improvement when having a night sweat and wearing Chill Angel PJ’s.  I did in fact go back to sleep more quickly.  Thank you for allowing me to participate in this study.  I have already recommended your product to several of my friends.” 

Chill Angel garment tester Kimberly Foos

 - Kimberly


“So very comfy and good fit too. I have noticed a difference in my comfort level and am very pleased.”


“I think the pants will be nice as it gets colder and nightie just looks comfy too. Again, thanks for letting me try these awesome products!!”


“Love them and so happy to have found out about your product through this test process.  Thank you.”

Chill Angel product tester Kim Pennock

- Kim


“When I first heard the pajamas were going to be of wool I was a little skeptical. I put them on and they were like wearing nothing at all.”


“Where the pajamas cover my body I don’t sweat. Had the best night’s sleep so far last night!”


“When I wear my cotton top I sweat through the top but with Chill Angel I didn’t notice any sweat coming through, pretty cool!”


“Really enjoyed testing Chill Angel. Its changed my mind about merino wool. It’s light, airy and wicks away the moisture before you even know you’re sweating!”


- Linda


Leslie said:

I love Chill Angel! The jammie top and crop pant are a perfect combination of comfort and chill-laxing! Even on a hot, humid night, Chill Angel was delightfully comfortable. The fabric kept me cool and dry. Next ..the tank top! Thank you, Chill Angel. These pjs are everything you have been saying about them!

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