As a breast cancer survivor, my experience with rapid body temperature swings such as hot flashes has been extremely intense.   I was prescribed Tamoxifen, an estrogen-blocking drug, as part of my long-term preventative care. One of the most common side effects of Tamoxifen, and other aromatase inhibitors, are hot flashes and night sweats.   Various herbal remedies and natural supplements that provide plant-based estrogen-mimicking hormones need to be avoided. I was given an option of taking an anti-depressant, which has the surprising side effect of reducing hot flashes. For me, however, this was not an option I wanted to take. If anything, I want to be drug-free as soon as possible.   I do not want to take more drugs to manage side effects of my medication!

 So, I began a quest to manage my body’s erratic temperature swings by other natural means.   I quickly realized that all forms of energy work and bodywork help lessen the effects of hot flashes. Massage and exercise have noticeable positive benefits, not only on my physical body but also on my quality of sleep.  

Acupuncture, Reiki, Tuning Fork Therapy, Integrated Energy sessions, Universal Rays sessions and daily meditation have all had a very positive effect on balancing my energy, which helps moderate the intensity of my heat disturbances.   If I am out of balance, my symptoms get worse.

Speaking of balance, yoga has an amazing impact on my overall energy balance.  Most noticeably, the quality of sleep I experience after taking a yoga class is much better than normal.   Hot flashes do not disturb my sleep as intensely after a yoga class.

One important way to manage the effects of hot flashes and night sweats is to wear garments made from natural fibers.   Cotton, silk, merino wool, linen, hemp are all good choices.  

If I accidentally wear a garment made of Tencel, Modal, bamboo, rayon, polyester, nylon or other man-made fibers, or if there is too high of a spandex content in the fabric, my temperature spikes are much, much worse!   These fabrics hold in the heat, creating more of a mini nuclear explosion rather than a normal hot flash!  

For the most noticeable comfort during sleep, Chill Angel temperature-balancing sleepwear is the best choice for reducing the side effects of night sweats.   Other natural fibers do not compare in the sleepwear category to merino wool. You will remain much drier, your temperature spikes will be reduced, and you will not get the chills.   You will sleep significantly better in Chill Angel sleepwear.



Cynthia Smith said:

Please send me all information. I am truly Smartwool addicted and am looking for something to keep my 50+ temperatures regulated so I can finally get some restful sleep?

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