My story

My story

“One hot flash of frustration became a sudden flash of inspiration.”

In June 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through minor surgery, followed by chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation.  It was one week after my first chemo treatment that my oldest son, Kent, passed away.   I felt like i had been hit by a freight train.   The tremendous grief I was going through at the same time my body was undergoing treatment made me extremely weak.  I was at an all-time low in my life, physically and emotionally.

After the therapy was completed, I was prescribed hormone therapy treatment and immediately after starting on the medication, I experienced unimaginable hot flashes!   

These relentless flashes came every 20 - 30 minutes, night and day. I was not getting any sleep.  I was still super weak and tired from the last 6 months of intensive treatment.  I was desperate for solutions to help me feel and sleep better.

The Light bulb!

For over fifteen years, I have worked with high quality merino wool base layers and next-to-skin wear. The high breathability, moisture managing qualities, insulating properties, hydrophobic/hydrophilic characteristics make merino wool a superior choice for next to skin garments.   

After suffering through months of hot flashes disrupting my sleep, i experienced a flash(!) of insight. I realized that I was actually sleeping better, and the flashes were not as intense, when I was sleeping in my old merino wool next to skin wear.   OF COURSE!!

The result is that I was waking up less and was able to get back to sleep much quicker than when I was sleeping in cotton (which got really cold from sweat), or rayon/modal (which is non-breathable and totally intensified the problem).

I wondered - how many women suffer through nights of interrupted sleep that would benefit from this solution?   And so, I began my Chill Angel journey…




  • I am so thankful for my Chill Angel nightie… more ripping off jammies and then trying to find them again in the middle of the night. Perfect comfort!

    Lynne Koehler
  • I am amazed at the difference the Sleep Angel night gown makes! It has been 15 years since I have had a good night’s sleep (ms has gifted me with night sweats) but no more. My sweet husband bought me a second gown for my birthday so I don’t have to suffer while one is in the laundry basket. Bless you Chill Angels, Carol

    Carol Sitlington
  • Not only do my pajamas help me sleep better, but they are so soft and comfortable that I often wear them around the house during the daytime.

  • I love Chill Angel sleepwear ! The quality is impeccable & it’s also very comfortable, practical & pretty…Kate, RN

    Kate O'Connell

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