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“One hot flash of frustration became a brilliant flash of inspiration.”

Betsy Seabert has held leadership roles in the outdoor apparel industry for over 25 years, including 15 years with high-performance wool brands, Smartwool and Point6.   As the founder and owner of Chill Angel, her years of experience, combined with challenging life experiences, inspired her to create this innovative line of sleepwear made from 100-percent merino wool.   Chill Angel - Temperature Balancing Sleepwear - a new concept in sleep solutions.

Betsy's ability to excel in this field comes as a melding of her career and personal experiences.   Considering 2014 to be one of the hardest years of her life, she was shaken to the core by both a life changing breast cancer diagnosis and the unexpected passing of her oldest son.   A grieving mother and struggling cancer patient, she found herself unable to heal, due to radical body temperature fluctuations caused by medication which robbed her of precious sleep.

Exhausted from sleep deprivation, Betsy looked towards her life's work for a solution.   Merino wool, her favorite performance fabric, renowned for its breathability, temperature balancing and moisture wicking abilities, provided her with the solution and allowed her to finally sleep and heal.

Knowing she wasn't alone in her struggle, Betsy launched her first line of temperature balancing sleepwear in late 2017.   Met by a throng of eager and grateful customers, she vowed to help women everywhere enjoy a more restful night's sleep and live fuller lives as a result of her life-enhancing product.

And so, the Chill Angel journey has begun…



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  • I am so glad I found Chill Angel! In March 2018 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy and a full hysterectomy as part of my treatment plan. My hot flashes and night sweats started with chemo and then got worse after my hysterectomy. I would wake up several times during the night drenched! My friend told me about chill angel and I was hesitant at first because nothing else my doctors recommended and prescribed helped the night sweats. I finally decided to try them out. Since then, I have slept through the night! This is the real deal! I will not go back to regular jammies again. The quality of these night clothes is top notch, they are so comfortable and my sleep has improved tremendously since I’ve started wearing them.

    Heather Walters on
  • I also went through breast cancer, lumpectomy and 5 weeks of whole breast radiation. This is a life changer! I have the fortune of owning a Chill Angel top. It was a gift from Betsy’s sister, Sheila. We worked together. Everything about the product is exquisite from the packaging to the garment itself . It is soooo comfortable…I wear it constantly. Thank you Betsy for your courage battling breast cancer and turning it around into something beautiful for those experiencing the same !

    Judy Walcher on
  • I am so thankful for my Chill Angel nightie… more ripping off jammies and then trying to find them again in the middle of the night. Perfect comfort!

    Lynne Koehler on
  • I am amazed at the difference the Sleep Angel night gown makes! It has been 15 years since I have had a good night’s sleep (ms has gifted me with night sweats) but no more. My sweet husband bought me a second gown for my birthday so I don’t have to suffer while one is in the laundry basket. Bless you Chill Angels, Carol

    Carol Sitlington on
  • Not only do my pajamas help me sleep better, but they are so soft and comfortable that I often wear them around the house during the daytime.

    Robin on

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